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Do It Yourself vs. Engaging an Advisor 

  • Advisors should add value in financial planning specific to your situation.  

  • Multiple goals have separate timelines and investments need management to provide certainty for your withdrawals as planned.
  • Index funds do not consider economic or industry momentum.

  • Managed funds may also have secondary objectives such as tax efficiency or ESG considerations which areā€¦ 

In times of great market volatility, actively managed mutual funds can outperform the benchmark indices.   

And Much More . . . 

A great resource for successful individualsā€¦.

Investing for long-term growth is more important now than ever before.  Almost all of us want to retire and are unsure how much is needed.  Goods and services get more expensive every year with inflation and Americans are living longer.  

Besides reaching financial goals - we all want the balance and freedom to enjoy our daily lives. Ideally, this brief treatise will provide more peace of mind about your financial behaviors and heightened confidence in the direction you want for your investments.
In this book, we have outlined professional strategies employed by successful individuals with goals just like yours.

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Successful individuals greatly
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